Jazz Club Etoile

Bar :

Jazz Club

Price :


Something special :

Always crowded bar

Open :

Every day except Sunday from 7:00 pm till 2:00 am

From the hotel :

2,4 km – 31 minutes walking

Address :

81 Boulevard Gouvion-Saint-Cyr, 75017 Paris

Night Life Jazz Club Etoile paris detail jpg

Description :

Unwind in the heart of Parisian rhythm at Jazz Club Étoile, an enchanting venue within our hotel. Immerse yourself in the soulful beats of live jazz performances, where the ambiance exudes sophistication and artistic allure. Located in the vibrant heart of Paris, Jazz Club Étoile offers an intimate setting, inviting patrons to revel in the magic of renowned musicians and emerging talents. Sip on crafted cocktails and savor delectable bites as the music fills the air, creating an unforgettable evening. Discover the quintessence of Parisian jazz at Jazz Club Étoile, where each note harmonizes with the city’s timeless spirit.

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